Rechargeable batteries

Warranty conditions for Li-Po (Li-xx) batteries.

A special case are Li-Po batteries.

It belongs to the category of consumer goods with a limited lifespan. Battery life depends on usage, charging method, and number of charge cycles. Therefore, the battery cannot be claimed after several months of use due to the reduced capacity of the cells. Recommendations after taking over the Li-Po battery: The batteries are checked by us during stocking from the supplier. The batteries are equipped with original connectors from the factory. After acceptance, we recommend inspecting, measuring and testing (discharging-charging) the batteries immediately. Test the batteries with the original connectors. No claim can be made if these connectors have been replaced with another one due to the high risk of a possible short circuit during this manipulation. It is always better to adjust the connectors on the ESC (controller). Batteries will be accepted for claim only with original connectors and mechanically undamaged. Nor can a claim be made if the batteries are bumped, dented or have otherwise damaged packaging. The warranty period for batteries also expires due to incorrect use. This means failure to observe their working range of stress on the cell. The voltage of the Li-Po cell must be kept between 3.5V and 4.2V. The voltage of 3.5V per cell is the value of a discharged cell and a fully charged cell has a voltage of 4.2V. The ideal cell voltage for longer storage is 3.85V. If the voltage is less than 3.5V, there is a risk of damage to the battery. It is also dangerous to overcharge the battery, store the battery incorrectly or store the battery at a voltage that is not suitable for the specific type. Claims cannot be made for batteries that have been damaged by an incorrectly selected charger or a damaged charger. Sold batteries have their own unique serial number affixed by the manufacturer and therefore cannot be confused and it is necessary to keep this label on the battery in case of a possible complaint. It should be noted that the warranty period only applies to manufacturing defects.