USB Soldering Iron Pájecí pero, páječka USB, 5V/8W

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Pájecí pero, páječka USB, 5V/8W

USB Soldering Iron

This excellent soldering iron can be used anywhere there is a USB to power it. It is small and compact with a fine tip for those small soldering jobs. It has rapid heat up so you don’t have to wait around to get you job done. Nor do you have to wait after finishing as it has rapid cooling. For safety it shuts off after use.

This is ideal for hobbyists who work on PCBs and small electronics on a regular basis as it is lightweight and easy to use, you could even keep one in your laptop bag so you are always prepared.

• Heats up in less than 15 seconds
• Cools down in less than 30 seconds
• If unused after 25 seconds it will turn off
• Long life tip with protective cap
• LED indicator
• USB Input

Power: 5VDC / 8W

1 x USB Soldering Iron with USB lead
1 x Tip
1 x Metal Stand
1 x Tip Cover
1 x Small coil of solder