Turnigy KWS-V20 USB Power Analyser

Snadná a rychlá analýza spotřeby zařízení připojených do USB portu.
Artikelnummer: KWS-V20
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Maličký kompaktní měřáček, který dokáže měřit příkon, napětí, kapacitu a proud na připojené elektronice.

Take control of your USB Ports with the Turnigy KWS-V20 USB Power Analyser!

Plug it into any powered USB port and check that it is supplying the stated output voltage and current to keep all of your devices charging as efficiently as possible and that their batteries are still in good condition to avoid data loss.

The power analyser is also great for checking that USB wall chargers are working to their full potential too!

• Measures volts, Amps, time and capacity
• Convenient pocket sized unit
• Suitable for any USB socket

Input voltage reading: 3.5~9V +/-1%
Current output reading: 0.3~3A +/-1%
Capacity charged reading: 0~99999mAh
Charging duration: 0~99h 59 mins
Dimensions: 72 x 23 13.5mm