Podvozek pro coptery M200 Care-Free Crab (black)

Podvozek pro coptery s možností zavěšení gimbalu.
Artikelnummer: M200
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Hersteller: HobbyKing
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The M200 Care-Free landing gear is a simple and strong way to add “Crab Legs” to your Multi-rotor or Heli. The design allows for mounting to almost any type of frame with the included tube clamps, skids and shock absorbing end caps. This Style mounting allows the center to be unobstructed for mounting camera gimbals, batteries and accessory. With just over 200mm ground clearance and various accessories and color options you can design a setup that fits your intended vision.

Height: 205mm
Width: 300mm (base) 60mm (Top tube to tube)
Length: Adjustable from 30mm to 250mm Skid length 330mm
Weight: 220g with all included parts

Skids x 2
Upper rails x 2
Leg frames x 2 (black)
Rail mounts to flat or bolt threw x 4
Rail end caps x4
Skid shock absorbing end caps x 4
Required hardware