GemFan 5050 GRP 3-Blade Propellers CW/CCW Orange

Sada vrtulí 5030 (5x3) 1+1 pro malé koptéry.
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Sada vrtulí pro malé multikoptery.

Středový otvor má průměr 5mm a jsou přidány redukce na průměr 2.5mm / 3mm / 4mm.

New Design GemFan 5050 GRP 3-Blade Propellers CW/CCW Set Orange (1 pair)

GemFan Propellers have set the gold standard in the small class Multirotor community, known for their durability, great balancing and superb hub centering and expendable price.

These 50-50's are a new design based on FPV Racing feedback.

Made from glass reinforced plastic the blades are slightly wider and stiffer, providing better response and performance for FPV Racers. The hub has also been redesigned and is more robust making for a tougher prop. With these props FPV Racing pilots are reporting more punch out of the corners.

They come packaged as a set of 2, with one CW rotation and one CCW rotation.

These props are the perfect upgrade for 200 -250 size racing multirotors.

Size: 5050 (5.0"x5.0")
Color: Orange
Type: 3-Blade
Hub: 5mm
Material: GRP

1 x CW rotation
1 x CCW rotation
Adapters 2.5mm / 3mm / 4mm