Illuminati 32 Flight Controller with OSD (Cleanflight Supported)

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Illuminati 32 Flight Controller with OSD

The Illuminati 32 ensures your racing rig is a navigators delight by containing a 32-bit flight controller as well as an OSD in the same small package. Now you can get all your flight details straight on your display.

At the heart of the Illuminati 32 is a 32bit ST micro workhorse processor, with untapped memory and CPU power and a host of equally impressive sensors. The Illuminati 32 is Cleanflight supported for easy setup and use. Matched up with some of the nicest GUI programs and features to get the most out of your configuration. This setup gives your quad fast response making flying a breeze.

FPV flying gets even better when using the OSD which gives real-time superimposed video and flight data information during flight. The OSD can display multiple flight information specs including power voltage, flight velocity, height, and distance from the home point, horizontal attitude, and GPS satellite number and so on depending on the sensors you have attached.

This flight controller flies just like the best, but now you're saving weight so you can overtake the rest.

• Combined 32 bit Flight Controller with KV OSD on the one small package
• 32 bit ARM microprocessor for fast speed and fast response
• Flight controller Cleanflight supported
• KV OSD giving real-time and accurate flight data superposed on screen
• Gyro, accelerometer and pressure sensor. Acrobatic, auto-level, heading hold, head-free, altitude hold flight mode
• Up to 8 ch RC input - supports standard receivers (PWM), PPM Sum receiver (FrSky, etc), or Spektrum satellite receivers
• Extra sensor like GPS and compass can be added
• Packaged in a hard case
• Upgrade via USB

Mounting: 30.5mm (without case)
Dimensions: 39x39x12mm (in case)
Weight: 12.3g (in case)

1 x Illuminati 32
1 x Set of Cables
1 x Manual