FY-41AP-M Auto-Pilot/ Flight Controller with OSD, GPS and Power Manager

Are you looking for a full function and reliable auto-pilot?
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The FY-41AP Flight controller is an inertial attitude measurement instrument used for FPV flight on fixed wing aircraft or multi-rotors. The software can be downloaded for either fixed-wing or multi-rotor devices. https://www.feiyu-tech.com/fy-41ap/down.html

Firmware for the fixed wing can be loaded into the unit.

Combining both control system and GPS navigation system, the FY-41AP-M provides outstanding stabilized flight while offering a clear and immersive FPV experience by providing live in-flight data to the pilot through a video OSD overlay. This integrated OSD video overlay presents flight information to the operator including altitude, speed, direction and home direction, all critical information for serious FPV operators.

As you might expect from a system of this quality the FY-41AP-M offers seven flight modes. Manual, Auto-Stabilise, 3D, Fixed Path, Auto Circle, Waypoint navigation and auto return to home. Each mode can be programmed and selected prior to or during any flight mission making this one of the most functional and versatile fixed wings autopilots on the market.

GCS ground station software can be used to adjust or save any in-flight data. Google Earth is incorporated to display satellite images through the GCS navigation system. Flight path and flight mission can be modified in real-time, giving full control to the user. Data can also be saved in real-time and be used for playback at a later date.

If you are in the process of building a fixed-wing or multi-rotor FPV system for photography, research or just for fun, then you will need a reliable, full function and high-quality autopilot and the FY-41AP-M meets that brief and more.

• Control parameter setting and course setting fully programmable
• Real-time data monitoring
• Data logging for post-flight analysis
• Seven flight modes
• Integrated OSD
• GPS and Power sensor included

FY-41AP-M Specs:
Supported ESC output: 400Hz refresh frequency
Module Working Voltage: 5.3V@0.2A
Flight Performance: Max Yaw: 150°/s, Max Tilt : 35°, Ascent / Descent: -1.5m/s ~ +3m/s
Weight: 34g
Dimensions: 58 × 37 × 19mm

GPS Specs:
Weight: 24g
Dimensions: 32 × 32 × 13.5mm