FrSky XSR-M Micro 8 Channel CPPM / SBUS Receiver

Extra lehký přijímač S.BUS a CPPM
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Manufacturer: HobbyKing
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The FrSky XSR-M is the smallest SBUS/CPPM Radio Receiver that offers the same features as the bigger XSR and X4R RX like full range and Smart Port telemetry. This is great for micro drone builds given its size and ease of install, as it can be stacked on top of your flight controller or PDB.

Unlike the bigger XSR that has the antenna soldered directly to the RX, the XSR-M radio receiver utilizes a U.FL connector for easy replacement. The exposed antenna cable is just under 33mm long with a total length of 145mm.

The XSR-M has a mount hole spacing of 15mm allowing for installation on micro builds.

• 20 x 20mm dimensions, 15mm Mounting hole spacing
• Weighs in at just 2.7g
• Supports 16 channels SBUS or 8 channels CPPM
• Compatible with X-Series module in D16 mode
• Supports Smart Port telemetry
• Small But Powerful!

Weight: 2.7g
Dimensions: 20 x 20mm
Channels: 8 (16 with SBUS connectivity)

Package contains:
XSR-M radio Receiver
Wires for connection
Instruction Manual