Dalprops "Indestructible" Bull Nose 4045 Propellers CW/CCW Set Red (2 pairs)

Sada vrtulí 4045 2+2 pro malé koptéry.
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Sada vrtulí pro malé multikoptery.

Odloné vrtule, které více vydrží.

Středový otvor má průměr 5mm.

Dalprops "Indestructible" Bull Nose 4045 Propellers CW/CCW Set Red (2 pairs)

Dalprops propellers have raised the bar in the 150~180 sized drone racing community, with this range of pre-balanced, "indestructible” propellers made from super tough glass reinforced polycarbonate. (OK, we'll confess that they're not completely indestructible if you'll admit that they're pretty tough to bust!)

Dalprops propellers give smooth power delivery while being able to give plenty of power for punch outs.
They come packaged as a set of 4, with 2 CW rotation and 2 CCW rotation and in a wide range of colors to mix and match to help with orientation. This is a fantastic upgrade for any small multirotor.

Size: 4045 (4.0" x 4.5")
Color: Red
Hub: 5mm
Material: Glass reinforced polycarbonate
Weight: 3.1g

2 x CW rotation
2 x CCW rotation