1000g x 0.1g Electronic Scale Mini Digital Pocket Scale Weight Balance

1000g x 0.1g Electronic Scale 1KG Kitchen Weighing Mini Digital Pocket Jewelry Diamond Gram Scale Weight Balance
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This mini digital scale can weigh anything from 0.5g to 1000g, with fast measurement and automatic shutdown. It has 5 digital LCD display and 7 units selection.
1. Occupy little space and weight
2. Easy to be used
3. 1 minutes of auto power off
4. 7 weighing units, including G, OZ, OZT, DWT, CT, TL, GN
5. Well-read display with white backlight
6. Tare function
7. Automatic alarm by low battery
* Max weighing: 1000g
* Division: 0.1g
* Color: Silvery and black
* Backlight: White
* Material: Plastics and stainless steel
* Size: 116x64x17mm
* Size of stainless steel pan: 62.2x53.7mm
* Battery power: 2x1.5v, AAA (Not included)
* Net weight: 124g
* Unit packing gross weight: 139g
Package Contents:
Digital Pocket Scale(with retail box)
English Instruction Manual
Leather Pouch